3 Reasons That You Should See An Optometrist In Colorado Springs CO Yearly

3 Reasons That You Should See An Optometrist In Colorado Springs CO Yearly

Most people only go to the Optometrist when they are having trouble with their vision or when they believe that they have an eye infection. While these are two good reasons to visit the eye doctor, it is important to see an optometrist in Colorado Springs CO area yearly. There are several ways that a regular visit to the eye doctor can benefit your vision and your overall health.

Vision Testing

It is important to have your vision tested yearly. When most people’s vision begins to worsen it can be so slight that they do not even realize it. While you may not realize that your vision has gotten worse, it can cause headaches due to constant squinting. When you see an eye doctor annually, the vision changes can be caught and corrected. If you already wear glasses and you need a stronger prescription, this can also be caught and corrected during an annual eye exam.

Eye Diseases

Certain diseases of the eye, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, can go undetected for a long time. These diseases show no symptoms until they begin causing damage to the eyes. When you have a routine vision test done, the doctor will examine both the inside and outside of your eyes to determine if you have early onset of any of these diseases. The sooner this type of disease is caught the sooner you can begin treatment, preventing permanent vision loss and blindness.

Other Diseases

There are several diseases, which can be caught early on during an eye exam. Often times, an eye doctor can see detect the illness before your primary care physician. Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and multiple sclerosis, can all be detected early on during an eye exam. The sooner the problem is caught, the sooner you can begin treatment. These conditions, as with most, the sooner you begin treatment, the better off you will be.

If you are only going to see an optometrist in Colorado Springs CO when you are having a problem, you are making a mistake. In order to keep your eyes healthy and to protect your overall health, it is important to have a routine eye exam.

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