Reasons to Consider Installing Panic Rooms in NY

Reasons to Consider Installing Panic Rooms in NY

Panic Rooms in NY, which are also commonly referred to as safe rooms, are a type of fortified room installed in a residence or business to create a safe place for inhabitants if an emergency situation arises. Safe rooms are used all around the world for protection. For example, in Mexico, instances of kidnapping are fairly common, which makes safe rooms a must have component of homes and businesses. Additionally, since 1980, every embassy in the U.S. has had a safe room installed that featured bullet-resistant glass.

Are Safe Rooms Right for You?

While it may make sense to you for political figures and wealthy individuals to install these safe rooms, you may wonder why should install panic rooms in NY. After all, the chances of being kidnaped are fairly low, right? These rooms are not just designed for protection from kidnappers, and some of the other reasons to consider one for your home or business include:

* To have a safe place to hide from burglars or home invaders.

* To hide from a potential kidnapper.

* As protection against natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

* Protection from nuclear attacks.

* To provide isolation in the instance of a disease outbreak.

* If you fear an abusive spouse.

History of the Safe Room

The use of panic rooms can be traced all the way back to the Middle Ages. The castles during this time had what is referred to as a “castle keep,” which was a room that was found in the deepest portion of the caste, where the feudal lord would hide if the castle was seized. The introduction of these rooms in the U.S. occurred during the 1800s during the time when slaves were using the Underground Railroad. The 1920s brought about safe rooms for the safe-keeping of prohibition liquor.

There is no question that panic rooms have a long and illustrious history. The fact remains, however, that they are effective methods for providing protection during a number of different emergencies. If you have considered installing one, it may be a good option to protect your home, business or family.

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