Paying an Optometrist in Derby KS When Health Care Insurance Won’t Cover the Costs

Paying an Optometrist in Derby KS When Health Care Insurance Won’t Cover the Costs

Not everyone who goes to see an Optometrist in Derby KS has insurance coverage for eye health and vision care. Many companies don’t offer this as part of their benefits package, especially if the organization is a small one. Some of the government-sponsored plans pay for one eye exam each year but do not pay for corrective lenses or medication for disorders like glaucoma. When optometrists discover evidence that patients have that kind of condition, they refer the patients to a medical doctor specializing in eye care.

Common Options for Payment

This gap in health care coverage can be very frustrating for eye doctors, who naturally want everyone to maintain optimum eye health and vision. An Optometrist in Derby KS provides several options for payment that can make things easier for people who need eye exams, vision testing, and corrective lenses. Credit cards are nearly always accepted, for example. A regular patient may be able to work out a payment arrangement with the clinic or provide two or three post-dated checks.

Third-Party Credit Providers

Another possibility is to have credit through a third-party provider that specializes in the health care of various types. This company may not have such stringent standards as most credit card companies do. A patient who decides to Visit Grene Vision Group, for example, can apply for the option called Care Credit and use that to pay for the exam and glasses.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Many employers also utilize a program offered by the federal government known as flexible spending accounts. Employees are allowed to divert some of their pay to a tax-free account that they can then use for out-of-pocket health care expenses. This helps people gradually build up some savings for this purpose and to have extra money because it’s tax-free.

Concluding Thoughts

Yearly eye exams and vision testing are essential keys to being able to see properly and for preventing serious problems with vision. Skipping that yearly appointment with the optometry clinic because money is tight can be an understandable decision, but it also can lead to various negative factors. Not being able to see reduces effectiveness and enjoyment in life, and early diagnosis of certain eye diseases is crucial for early treatment.

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