Preparing For Laser Hair Removal In Tucson


Laser hair removal has become a popular cosmetic treatment for women because it’s safe and one of the most effective methods for removing unwanted hair. Laser Hair Removal in Tucson is being offered by cosmetic physicians at competitive rates to attract customers from around the region. Consultation with a physician and preparation leading up to a treatment is crucial for its overall success.
On the morning of the client’s treatment, the client should shave all the affected areas before attending their appointment. The shave needs to be carefully done and precise for the best possible results during the laser treatment. The treated skin area should not have hair that is protruding above the skin’s surface. This means that it’s a good idea to wait until the day of the appointment to shave. A night-before shave will not be nearly as effective.

Clients should not wax or tweeze the hair for approximately four to six weeks prior to their cosmetic treatment. The laser relies on the hair follicle being intact. Clients wanting to pursue treatment as soon as possible should stop waxing and tweezing far in advance, and only shave their skin. They should also refrain from going to any tanning beds or using tanning creams for approximately one month before the treatment. Even severe sun exposure can reduce the success rate of the treatment. This means that a beach trip or another sunny vacation retreat right before the laser treatment could reduce its overall effectiveness, resulting in longer treatment times and a more costly treatment plan.

Laser1 is one cosmetic business that offers Laser Hair Removal in Tucson as well as other skin rejuvenation services. One benefit of their business is that they promise shorter treatment spans, thus reducing payments. Most laser hair treatment centers advise six to twelve sessions of laser hair removal for lasting results. Laser1, on the other hand, promises noticeable results in as little as four treatments. For people in Tuscon wanting to reduce their treatment time, Laser1 could be the perfect option. To learn more about their pricing and monthly specials.

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