3 of the Best First Date Tips


Finding the right matchmaking service to help you is just the start. While your personal matchmaker will do what’s necessary to find you the best matches, magic just won’t happen if you don’t up your dating game. That includes improving the conversation. Here are a few things you can throw out there to help keep things on an enjoyable keel:

  • Compliments are always a win

When you’re meeting people for the first time, things can get awkward—fast. One way to break the ice is to compliment him/her. Sure, it’s expected but it’s also a winner for a reason: telling people they look good is an excellent way to put them at ease. When people are at ease, they’re more relaxed and they have a much better time at it.

  • Ask about what they’re passionate about

Ask about their work. Most people are passionate about what they do. Given the amount of time people spend at their jobs, says Style Caster, it’s not surprising that they’ll have interesting stories to tell. What’s their motivation? Made them decide on this field and not on any other? It’s not just a convenient ice breaker, it also gives you insight into your date’s personality, into what they stand for, what they beliefs or principles are.

  • Talk about something that’s interesting to both of you

This could be the last movie you went out to see or a book you’ve read or even the best trip you’ve ever been to. Remember to make the conversation fun, interesting and light-hearted. Humor helps a great deal. If you can make your date laugh, you stand a better chance of finagling a second date.

So follow these conversation tips to improve your dates. If you still need more help, consult a dating coach in Boston. That way, you’ve got the assistance you need to help you make the most out of your every date.

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