A Closer Look At The GE Carescape Monitor

A Closer Look At The GE Carescape Monitor

When it comes to patient care equipment, particularly with monitors, it is essential to choose reliable, tested and dependable systems. The GE Carescape monitor, which is available in several models, is one of the most often found in patient treatment rooms in medical facilities across the country.

There are several different options to consider in patient monitors ranging from those specially designed for critical care patients and settings and those designed for bedside monitors. Several different types include specific algorithm features as well as up to 22 different parameters for the various types of data collection requirements.

Features to Consider

Today’s GE Carescape monitor models are all designed to assist with real time information provided to ensure consistent and accurate patient care and monitoring at all times.

The system under consideration should have the specific features required by the hospital or medical facility. This includes the ability to connect easily and integrate with existing systems such as printers and recording devices as well as the option to stream data from the monitor into the EMR (electronic medical records) or the HIS (health information system) providing doctors and the treatment team with the information required.

Size, the specific algorithm used with the monitor, the use of customizable alarms and the ability to monitor respiration, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and arrhythmia may also be important features to have on any type of patient monitor. More advanced monitors offer a more extensive line of features and greater range parameters and configurations.

Ease of Use

There are several considerations with the GE Carescape monitor that make it an easy to use piece of equipment in any patient care setting. Different monitors will have different display sizes, which allows for clear visibility of the data and the possibility to configure the display to highlight the data.

Additionally, with these monitors they are able to pivot, allowing for the staff to position the monitor for optimal visibility. Cable management features that give staff the freedom to position the monitor without cumbersome cable configurations and positions is also a plus with all of these monitoring devices.

New monitors come with a one or two year warranty depending on the specific model. With a very high rating and reputation in the field, these are a state-of-the-art addition to any patient treatment facility, and one that will certainly meet all the expectations in patient rooms as well as critical care units.

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