10 Signs You’re Dating a Woman, Not a Girl


If you are dating, you may find there are just too many girls out there. Are you ready to find a real woman but not sure what to look for? The good news is that there are a few tell-tale signs that you have found a woman and not another girl. Get to know these ten signs, which are highlighted here.

Women Are Self-Sufficient

A real woman can and will take care of herself. When she wants something, she handles it. Women are confident and independent; girls are reliant on everyone else to take care of them.

Women Search for Ways to Learn Something New

Girls are going to stick to what is known and familiar. Women are going to actively search for ways to expand their horizons.

Women Eat

When you take a girl out, she is going to eat as little as possible. Women eat whatever they want, when they want.

Women Are Capable of Maintaining Stimulating Conversations

When you are with a girl, she is going to gossip and talk about trivial matters. Women can discuss things that are important and things that matter.

Women Read

Most girls are going to watch junk television while women will spend their time reading.

Women Don’t Care About Updating Their Facebook Statuses

When you date a girl, her first move is going to be to update her status on Facebook to “in a relationship.” Women are going to forget all about Facebook.

Women Know Their Limits

Girls may get wasted while women are going to know their limits.

Women Are Financially Independent

Girls are going to expect you to pay for everything while women are going to be financially independent.

Women Tell Men How They Are Feeling

Girls expect men to know everything that they are feeling and thinking while women are going to talk to their partners.

Women Look Sexy in Anything They Wear

Girls think that they have to dress in revealing clothing to be sexy. Women are able to dress conservatively and still be sexy.

Now you know what the difference is between a girl and a woman. This should help you on your quest for a real relationship.

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