How to Set Up a Great Dating Site Profile


While some people may be ashamed that they haven’t found their happily ever after yet, take heart in knowing that you’re not alone. Well, not entirely alone. The popularity of dating sites continues to grow, with some matchmaking services hitting the mainstream and being mentioned in pop culture and media with great matchmaker reviews in Boston. But with all those choices, it can be hard to know which dating site is right for you.

Don’t Fish the Whole Ocean

There’s a lot of single people in the world, so start off with narrowing the field. A good dating service can help you find someone whose interests mesh with yours, and a better service is tailor made for your relationship goals. Some websites are good for casual hookups, some are more aimed for the matrimonial types, and some are for professional or career minded people. Look for sites with good matchmaker reviews in Boston that cater to your relationship goals first.

Have a Couple Options

If you’re not totally sure what you want, or feel like you don’t perfectly fit in one particular category, don’t be ashamed to have two or three separate profiles on different sites. Going higher is possible, of course, but anyone who’s had multiple social media accounts knows it can be hard to manage more than one public face and keep up with things like messages, status updates, and photos.

Bait the Hook

It can be a fine balance between being honest and being as appealing as possible. Pick up a couple appealing hobbies, like yoga or surfing, and compile a variety of appealing photos. Don’t stick only to selfies, or only indoor photos. Show potential matches you’re an interesting, active person with a profile that highlights your most positive attributes.

Stay Positive

Especially on a large site, expect some misses or some unappealing messages. Just keep heart, learn how to say and hear a No Thanks, and continue searching.

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