3 Benefits of Helicopter Tours

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Health & Medical

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Most people, when considering booking a city tour during their vacation or business trip, immediately think of engaging in grounded transportation methods due to the traditionally low cost of vehicular transportation in comparison to other transportation methods. Grounded transportation is exactly what it sounds like: any form of transportation that involves traveling over the ground using wheels, tracks, or other helpful devices.


Anyone who has inhabited Planet Earth for any amount of time during the 21st century should be very experienced at and well acquainted with grounded transportation. You may be especially familiar with the disadvantageous side of grounded transportation if you have ever attempted to enjoy a tour of city scenery by way of traditional tour methods (i.e. car, train, bus, etc.) To learn more about the negative aspects of ground transportation during tours and the way in which helicopter tours overcome said disadvantages, read the information below. You may be surprised at how cost effective and appealing a helicopter flight is considering the number of benefits listed.


Benefit One: Traffic Free

If you decide to visit a large city during your trip up north, then you may decide to visit the Big Apple. The sights in this huge city are dazzling. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to enjoy them during a traditional grounded touring expedition because of city congestion. Traffic stresses out even the “coolest” individuals, and if you become stressed during your tour you may find that you enjoy it far less than you had anticipated. Instead of choosing a slow, congested trip through the city that never sleeps, you may want to try helicopter tours in New York. Obviously, being in the air totally sidesteps the issue of messy traffic jams, famously entitled pedestrians, and unnecessary stress in the backseat.


Benefit Two: Safety
A very important benefit of traveling via air transportation is the decreased degree of risk to your health. You heard right, there is a lesser chance of serious or fatal grounded transportation accidents when you choose air transportation. While movies may portray aircraft is being far more unsafe than ground vehicles, the opposite is true. Traveling by air is safer than vehicular transportation by a very marginal percentage. If you feel alarmed about New York City traffic collision rates, then you may want to contact a company offering helicopter tours in New York.


Benefit Three: The View
Traveling through the air is a transportation method that is unrivaled by any other transportation style that a human being can experience. The view from a helicopter can be defined fairly accurately as a “bird’s eye view” because when you board a New York City helicopter you are lifted above the chaos of city life.



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