Improve Your Cooling Efficiency Using a Heat Pump in Daytona Beach FL

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Air Conditioning & Heating

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Treating the air in your home is a full time job and one that is becoming more expensive all the time. Modern air conditioners have become pretty efficient at reducing the temperature in a home, but the process can use a lot of electricity to achieve the desired results. This is because the AC must use a condenser system to compress a refrigerant. The compression causes a state change in the coolant which allows it to flow through the pipes and collect heat from the home. The heat is collected through the evaporator coil and drawn away as the coolant is cycled back outside the home. However, there is another way to move heat by using a Heat Pump.

Technically, all air conditioning systems are classified as heat pumps. This is because they use a mechanical method of moving heat from one area to another. However, a heat pump in Daytona Beach FL area provides a much more efficient means of eliminating the heat in your home because it takes that heat and directly transfers it out of the building. Heat pumps come in a variety of types, but the most common are the ones used to heat and cool a home. Depending on where you live the heat will be moved from either the air or the ground. This is because extremely cold areas may not provide enough warmer air for indoor use and extremely hot areas may not have enough cooler air to replace the hot air from indoors.

If this is confusing, think about it this way. A Heat Pump in Daytona Beach FL is a mechanical method of heat exchange. It is designed to move heat from one area and replace it with cooler temperatures. In the winter this system will try and bring warmth from the outdoor air or transfer heat from the ground. In the summer the system will move the heat from inside a building and replace it with cooler air. Of course, these devices aren’t magical machines. They still use some refrigeration technology to treat the air as it cycles through the system. However, their method of operation makes them more efficient than the huge appliances that many people are familiar with. If you are looking for better ways to cool your home or business then a heat pump may be the solution for you.

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