4 Mistakes That Get in the Way of Your Trade Show Success


Missteps could kill your trade show success. Here are common mistakes we see in exhibits.

A poor display

That’s one of the worst mistakes you can make, the Entrepreneur says. When you look for 10×20 booths in NYC, pick a display that’s going to capture the interest and attention of your market. Is it fun and vibrant? Can people tell what your business is all about with one glance? If your display muddles that up and makes it difficult for your audience to understand what your company is about, then keep looking until you find the right display.

No clear message

Be clear about your message. Do you want to establish brand recognition and awareness? Or are you there to promote new products or services? Don’t try to do too many things all at once. Pick a message and stick to that. You’ll have an easier time designing your booth once you’re clear about the message you want to communicate.

Cluttered display

Shopping for 10×20 booths in NYC from reputable display providers is just the first step to getting your display right. You’ll want to make sure you keep everything simple once you settle on a booth or display. If the booth is too cluttered, attendees could walk away from your booth with a jumble of freebies, with no clear idea of what your organization is about. Don’t make that mistake. Clean up your booth. Ask help from your display provider.

Zero training

Don’t just pick staff out of your office and pluck them down to man the booths. Pick employees with exceptional communication skills. Provide them with the training they need so they know how to draw people to your booth, how to handle questions about your company, and how to convey the right impression to your audience. Make that investment and your trade show leads will grow.

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