You Will Need A Skilled Lawyer If You Are Fighting Deportation


For those people that are faced with deportation or removal from the United States there is a natural tendency for them to believe either:

  • I can expect help from the authorities if I have a sympathetic tale to tell, or

  • It is totally hopeless; I’m going to be deported anyway so why hire a deportation lawyer in Chicago?

It is understandable that people think this way but the truth is; neither of these scenarios is accurate.

Don’t count on immigration authorities:

First the good news; court proceedings in deportation cases are not as formal as criminal or civil proceedings, there is no jury and there is no need to be familiar with legal terms or language. The judge understands that the immigrant will be unfamiliar with the procedures and the judge is expected to deal with impartiality. The judge is not expected to side with Homeland Security, rather it is expected that both the immigrant and the DHS lawyers will be listened to in the same manner.

Now the bad news; don’t look to the immigration authorities to present legal arguments on your behalf, they are not there to help you, they are there to pursue your removal from the country. If you show up ill prepared the judge will not be left with an option other than to agree with the DHS.

You too need legal representation:

The Department of Homeland Security will be represented by their legal team, for you to have any chance to have the decision to deport you set aside then you too need a savvy deportation lawyer in Chicago. Immigration law is extremely complex, although there are potential arguments that can be used in your favor, chances are they are unknown to you.

There are numerous arguments that a deportation lawyer in Chicago can muster on your behalf. If you are facing removal from the US you are invited to consult with the lawyers at Din Law and also like our Facebook page.

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