Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Groomers


When pet owners have their cats groomed, this service not only improves the appearance of the cat’s coatĀ but it also contributes to the health of the cat. Felines that have dirty or matted fur can develop skin conditions and other issues that aren’t healthy for the animal. Before taking their felines to professional Cat Groomers, individuals should read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) How old should a cat be when the animal visits the groomers for the first time?

A.) When kittens are around three months old, they’re old enough to go to the groomers. Most groomers require that kittens have their first vaccinations by a veterinarian before they come to the groomers for the first time. It’s beneficial for cats to begin visiting the groomers while they’re still young so they’ll be familiar with the grooming process. Adult cats that have never been groomed are sometimes anxious during their first visit to the groomers.

Q.) What is the recommended schedule for cats to be groomed by a professional?

A.) Most cats that have short hair are scheduled to visit the groomer every six weeks. Cats that have long hair usually go to the groomer more frequently because their hair often becomes matted. The frequency of grooming depends on the condition of the cat’s fur, the lifestyle of the cat and the length of the cat’s fur.

Q.) What does a professional groomer do when grooming a cat?

A.) When grooming a cat, a professional groomer first bathes and then dries the animal’s fur. The groomer will also trim the cat’s nails and clean their ears. When the cat’s coat is dry, the groomer brushes the cat and removes any tangles in the animal’s fur. If requested by the pet owner, Cat Groomers will trim the cat’s coat or give it a special haircut. Trimming the coat prevents tangles in the fur and reduces shedding. When a cat has a shorter coat, this also helps to prevent hairballs.

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