Wing Pulleys for Your Conveyor Systems

Wing Pulleys for Your Conveyor Systems

A lot of commercial operations in the Upper Gulf Coast have the need for conveyor belts and conveyor systems. However, there are several types of conveyor pulleys to consider, depending on the application and environment. Many companies are choosing wing pulleys and PPI makes some excellent units for today’s industry. Here is a closer look at the wing pulley and why you may wish to check out selections from Precision Pulley and Idler for your Louisiana business.

What is a Wing Pulley?
Wing pulleys get their names from the wings or fins they contain. This can give you a number of advantages over a typical drum or cylindrical shaped pulley. For insurance, suppose you run an operation which requires a great deal of raw materials to be moved from one area to another. When this happens, a build up materials can occur at the tail end of the conveyor system. This buildup can get underneath the belt and between the belt and pulley.

A wing pulley is designed to be self cleaning. In other words, it is very difficult for debris to collect between pulley and belt due to the wing construction.

Options from Precision Pulley
You have several wing pulley options for your Louisiana business. They include heavy duty, herring bone, spiral, mine and max duty pulleys. Here is a closer look at them:

* Heavy duty – the wings are made from strong steel and provide excellent self-cleaning properties. They come in a variety of hub and bushing options.
* Herring bone – this Precision Pulley unit features wings in a twisted configuration. In fact, it resembles two pulleys joined together because the wing patterns ends abruptly in the middle. This unusual arrangement is perfect for Louisiana businesses with applications resulting in a large amount of waste falling from the conveyor. The wing arrangement allows for debris to be ejected from both ends of the pulley.
* Spiral – resembles the heavy duty unit except the wings are enclosed in a spiral structure, which makes it appear like a standard cylinder. This allows for the pulley to stay in contact with the belt the entire time, and materials are ejected from the sides.
* Mine duty – performs the same basic duty as the heavy duty pulley. However, the wings are attached to an outer rim on each end. This provides added stability for carrying heavy loads.
* Max duty – Precision Pulley makes a Max Duty wing pulley for the most demanding Louisiana industrial applications. It features a much larger inner diameter for added strength.

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