Get Strong, Reliable Tooth Repairs Using Dental Crowns in Jackson MI


Caries or cavities are one of the main reasons for people to seek out a dentist, and one cause of this is poor oral hygiene. Unfortunately, once a cavity develops, there is little that can be done except for drilling out any damaged dentin and filling the hole. However, this particular repair may be so extensive that the tooth will require more than a simple filling to protect its outer shell. This task is usually handled with the help of Dental Crowns in Jackson MI.

In most instances, the crown will be made from porcelain, but certain procedures may call for alternatives. Consider the case where a lengthy process such as a root canal is in progress. To protect any work already done, the dentist may use Dental Crowns in Jackson MI that are made from porcelain on steel or simply steel on its own. This is often necessary to protect the remaining portions of the tooth from stress fractures and similar faults.

Another, possibly more practical, use for dental crowns is to cover an implant. The implant uses a fake root to anchor the crown in place. In most cases, this root is made from titanium or similarly inert material. The anchor or stud is placed into the jawbone and allowed to heal. This step provides a secure location to place the crown in and reduces the risk of the crown coming loose or breaking. However, it does require enough bone tissue to hold the root in place. If this is a problem, then the dentist may suggest the use of limited bone grafting procedures.

For some folks, the dental crown can serve another function. That is, the crown can be used for decorative purposes. This is much more common than many people realize because the crown provides both strength and beauty. Placing a thin crown over slightly damaged or blemished teeth can afford some protection. The problem is that using this technique on healthy teeth can damage them. One reason for this is the need to remove a portion of the shell so the crown will fit snugly. This makes it difficult to remove any gunk that gets under the crown or which accumulates at its base. If it is time to consider a dental crown or other tooth repairs, then click the link to read more here.

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