Why Ice Sculptures in Long Island NY Are Needed At Functions


With all of the work and planning that goes into the planning of formal parties and functions, one unique piece of decor that often goes unthought of are ice sculptures in Long Island, NY. While people may think that they would be a hassle to purchase and bring in, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some of the benefits of having ice sculptures at the next function.

* Just the very presence of an ice sculpture can liven up a gathering. People automatically start talking about it, from wanting to know how it was made to how long it may last without melting. It makes a great centerpiece to get small talk started and act as an, ahem, icebreaker.

* Ice sculptures last much longer than most people think. If they are displayed indoors, they can last as long as 8 or 9 hours. They will melt quicker than that if they are displayed outdoors but can still last several hours. This is because after they are sculpted, they are hardened in a freezer to retain their unique design.

* They are very cost-effective. One of the great things about ice sculptures is that they are equated with elegance and are seen as a luxury item. However, most ice sculptures are actually very affordable and can be easily slipped into the party budget without breaking the bank.

* They can be used as versatile forms of entertainment. The ice can actually be sculpted right on site by a company such as IceFuelLI.com while the attendees relax and watch the design take shape. For less formal gatherings that have more of a “party” atmosphere, an ice luge can be created on a fountain sculpture where cocktails can be poured down and drunk from the bottom. This makes for great fun and loosens everybody up in a hurry.

* They can be personalized for such events as weddings or birthday parties or incorporate corporate logos for more business-oriented functions.

With ice sculptures in Long Island NY, the sky is truly the limit as far as what one is able to achieve. If it can be dreamt of, it can be sculpted. Why not arrange for a gorgeous ice sculpture at the next gathering?

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