Some Characteristics and Applications of 5052 Aluminum Sheets


5052 aluminum is an alloy that provides an extensive range of design options that benefit customers in the consumer electronics industry. As a lightweight, yet high strength material, 5052 aluminum is a very useful material for a variety of applications.

This type of aluminum offers excellent function and can take on a range of visual appearances and feels. Home technologies, including handheld devices can be manufactured with 5052 aluminum sheets. Minneapolis is served by quality manufacturers of this aluminum.

When it comes to electronics, some of the aluminum qualities needed for the end product are an attractive finish, strength and anodizing. 5052 aluminum sheets include these features and is used in various products, including electronics casings, televisions and notebook computers.

As well, this aluminum is useful for a range of other products, including storm shutters, fuel tanks for aircraft and refrigerator panels and liners. As well, 5052 aluminum sheets conform to AMS QQ-A-250/8, ASTM B209 and AMS 4027.

5052 Aluminum Sheet Composition
The tensile strength of 5052 aluminum ranges from 31 to 44 ksi. It is alloyed with 2.5% aluminum and has superb weldability, workability and corrosion resistance.

Finishes and Surfaces
5052 aluminum itself is a material that is perfect for products such as electronic casings. It gives the final product functionality and aesthetic appeal. 5052 aluminum sheets are available in an array of attractive chemical and mechanical finishes which include smooth satin matte, mirrored bright and classic brushed. Various colors are also available for application to the aluminum sheets.

Choosing a Supplier
Experience in the industry is a factor to consider when choosing a supplier of 5052 aluminum sheets. The company you purchase from should have a track record of serving clients with quality aluminum metal products and do so with excellent turnaround schedules.

Take the time to discuss your requirements with a representative from the supplier and learn about their process for providing the aluminum sheets you need. You can keep your project requirements sustained on a consistent basis when you work with a metal supplier that is dependable and delivers customer service you can trust on a consistent basis.

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