A Caterer Can Benefit By Purchasing Products From An Ice Cube Distributor In Long Island, NY

A Caterer Can Benefit By Purchasing Products From An Ice Cube Distributor In Long Island, NY

A caterer that travels to public venues will need ice to preserve the freshness of ingredients that are being used to create each dish. Purchasing bags of ice from a store isn’t practical when following a hectic schedule. Ice can be ordered from Long Island Ice & Fuel or another ice cube distributor in Long Island, NY. The tips below will assist with ordering products and using them during each job assignment.

Prepare An Order

A caterer should look over the list of jobs that they have been hired for to determine how much food is going to be needed to serve the people who will be attending the events. Based on this information, a bulk order of ice cubes or chips can be made by contacting an ice distributor.

If a caterer is setting up dishes of food on a banquet table, they can order an ice luge or sculpture to decorate the area where food will be served. An ice cube distributor in Long Island, NY will deliver products to each venue or a client’s primary residence.

Fill Freezers And Coolers

Ice products that aren’t going to be used immediately should be stored in a commercial-sized freezer. Food products that are going to be transported to a public venue should be stored inside of coolers that contain ice cubes or chips.

If a caterer needs additional ice to keep platters of appetizers and other perishable items chilled, they should bring a few extra bags of ice with them to an event. An ice luge or sculpture should be wrapped in a waterproof material before the ice product is placed inside of the vehicle that is being driven to an event.

Use Ice During A Catered Event

After arriving at a public venue, food products should be removed from a vehicle and a hand truck can be used to transport items into the building. After preparing appetizers and meals, platters of food can be set on top of a banquet table.

Ice should be laid across trays or dishes that contain foods that need to be preserved. If a luge is being used during an event, it should be placed next to food products. A luge can be used to serve beverages or small food items. A sculpture can be placed in the central part of a banquet table to enhance the area where food is being served.

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