Why Choose CHC Turning Service For Shaping

Why Choose CHC Turning Service For Shaping

When it comes to CNC machining, there are several options that can be used to provide the structure and complex shape or design features required. One of the options is to use a CNC turning service, which is ideal for a range of different machining requirements.

Different types of materials can be turned using a CNC machining company. These include standard metals such a brass, copper, aluminum and steel alloys as well as stainless steel and titanium. Many other materials such as plastics or composites are also used in specialized industries such as medical components or in the aerospace or defense industries. These materials can also be machined through turning.

The Definition

Every CNC turning service, by definition, is controlled by a computer. Advances in the software used in these systems allow the most complicated of shapes and profiles to be created on the system and then repeated time and time again with absolute precision. Through this process, specific tools are used on the machine to achieve the various shapes and cuts to be performed at speeds and with an accuracy that would not otherwise be possible.

In many ways turning is the modern version of the very old practice of lathing. In essence, the current method of turning is a high-tech version of the ancient Egyptian lathing method, but with the addition of the computer control there is precision and uniform duplication of the piece or component time and time again without any variation. There is no variance in speed, depth of the cut or even slight variations in the process that would be impossible to control for when using manually operated equipment.

The Process

One of the benefits of a CNC turning service is that the entire process is automated and controlled by the computer system. The material is fed into the machine and is rotated at a specific speed parallel to the axis of rotation of the tools. This allows for the creation of specific cuts to extremely precise depths and in very specific shapes. Of course, the type of systems in use can impact the quality of the final product, which is why top machining companies focus on quality machines as well as selecting the latest in technology.

Turning can include shaping the exterior or the interior of the material, or it can occur on both the interior and exterior. Turning is used to generate or create end components that have a round or a tubular shape, which is why this process is so much in demand in any machining shop.

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