What Is Precision Contract Manufacturing?

What Is Precision Contract Manufacturing?

For Original Equipment Manufacturers in any industry, including new companies that are producing their first product, finding reliable partners to provide specific services can be a challenge.

In the medical, aerospace, military and defense as well as other industries where accuracy and the use of tight tolerances and standards is a must, precision contract manufacturing services are the best option.

These are different from general contract manufacturing companies. In most cases, the companies offering precision work use different quality control standards and production equipment that offers not only cutting-edge technology but also increased speed of production on even complex parts. They also offer a greater range of services that may not be offered through general contract manufacturing services.

Full Scope of Services

One important advantage to using a precision contract manufacturing company is the scope of services that are offered. These companies will have their own in-house engineering team who will collaborate with your design and engineering team. They usually do not offer full concept development but work with your design team.

This is essential as early as possible in the process, but they can be used at any time. These specialist engineers can help with material research and development work, prototyping, reverse engineering challenges as well as for analysis of the costs of production using different methods, materials and options.

Equipment Differences

Another difference in precision contract manufacturing over general contract manufacturing is the type of equipment and technology used in the production process. This will include state-of-the-art equipment and the use of the best options in software based on the specifics of the project.
The staff and technicians will also be highly trained and experienced. They will also all be involved in ongoing quality control processes. Look for companies with ISO 9001 certification for most types of manufacturing and ISO 13458 certification for the manufacturing of medical devices.

For more information on the services through Aztalan Engineering, Inc. precision contract manufacturing, see us online. Details can be found at www.aztalan.com.

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