What To Look For In Prototype Manufacturing Services

What To Look For In Prototype Manufacturing Services

Whether you have a prototype design completed or you need assistance with the design as well as the manufacturing aspects of the project, finding the best company to work with is an essential part of the process.

Too often OEMs jump into working with a company offering prototype manufacturing based solely on the lowest bid or offer for the job. The problem with that method of selection is that there is no comparison as to what the company offers or even how experienced the service may be in designing prototypes for a particular industry or application.

Prototype Services or More?

Some prototype manufacturing companies only complete prototypes. These are typically smaller operations that offer niche services to specific industries. They are often focused on medical devices and implants, aerospace technology or even in the military and defense industry prototype development.

These companies have limited ability to move from prototype development into production unless the orders are on a very small scale. They may be able to offer referrals or work as a project manager with other subcontractors; they don’t do the work in-house or have an established network of contractors.

For many OEMs, this creates a problem. There are additional links in the production chain, additional places where quality control becomes a factor and even issues with additional costs of production.

Look for a prototype manufacturing service that has the ability to move into production after prototype approval. With any type of device that needs validation or verification, be sure to check on this as well with both prototype and production manufacturing.

Another additional service that the top companies will offer is their own engineering team to assist in evaluating and assessing the design. Often this process allows the OEM to save money on production as there may be modifications to the design the cut down on manufacturing costs or that create a stronger, more durable final product without changing functioning or features.

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