Why A Project Involving House Siding Replacement In St Paul Should Be Completed By A Professional

Why A Project Involving House Siding Replacement In St Paul Should Be Completed By A Professional

One of the best ways to increase the curb appeal and value of a home is to replace any old and outdated siding. In addition to creating additional value, it can also help provide additional protection from the elements and can be installed with new insulation to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of a home. House Siding Replacement in St Paul isn’t for the faint of heart, as it is extremely labor intensive, and not using the proper installation methods can lead to serious issues with the structure and leave home susceptible to a wide array of environmental damage.

Existing Siding Removal

The first step is to remove any existing siding that may be in place. If a home was built before 1970, this should be done with caution, as the siding could be made out of asbestos and should only be removed by a professional mitigation company that can ensure the removal is done as safely as possible. Any structural issues that are found during the removal process should be addressed before moving to the next step.

Exterior Preparation

Once the existing siding is removed, the next step is to install insulation on the exterior of the home and to place the support beams that will be used to attach the new siding to the home. The company may have to replace any trim around windows to ensure that they can create a secure seal around them, which will prevent any drafts and eliminate the occurrence of water damage.

Siding Installation

The last step of House Siding Replacement in St Paul is to install the new siding. Most siding products are attached using wood screws, and contractors will also apply a sealant to any areas that may be prone to water damage. Once the siding has been installed, it will be primed and painted to provide a finished look. Most siding should be repainted every five to 10 years, depending on the quality of paint used and the environmental conditions of the home’s location.

New siding can be the perfect way to give any home a much-needed makeover. Contact Builders & Remodelers to learn more about the interior and exterior remodeling services they offer. They can help any homeowner keep their showplace looking great, and ensure it is protected from the elements.

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