Certified Loose Diamonds – How To Choose Them & What You Should Know


Many people opt for certified loose diamonds instead of choosing diamonds already set into a ring. This allows them to be certain of the quality of the diamond that they are buying. It also ensures that they get the best price when buying their diamonds. Certified loose diamonds are also great when making customized jewelry as this allows them to select the perfect diamonds for customized jewelry.

Learn about the 4 c’s

Prior to buying certified loose diamonds, it is recommended to have at least a basic understanding of how diamonds are graded. This is described as the 4 c’s which include cut, color, clarity, and carat. Certified loose diamonds are examined for their score ranking in each of these categories to ensure that they are always performing at their best and to guarantee their value. By learning about the 4 c’s ahead of time, you can choose just the right certified loose diamonds for your purposes.

Should you buy online?

With purchasing online becoming a common occurrence, many diamond buyers may be tempted to also purchase their certified loose diamonds online. However there is a word of caution in this regard since buying online could have its pitfalls. For one thing, there is no way to know whether the diamonds are real or fake just by looking online. Make sure that a report comes included with your diamonds when going this route. The report should include information from a reliable grading lab such as GIA or AGS.

Buying loose diamonds in store

When buying your certified loose diamonds in the store, make sure to ask whether or not the store has a gemologist on staff who can inspect the diamonds and address the concerns that you may have.

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