Why Home Physical Therapy Makes Sense


While patients who require physical therapy can undergo it in a multitude of settings, one of the most popular choices of undergoing it is at home. There are many reasons why people prefer to undergo Home Physical Therapy, here are just a few.


Patients who are severely injured may not be able to commute to a clinic or hospital setting to undergo treatment. This greatly diminishes the effects of physical therapy because it results in missed sessions. By undergoing therapy at home, there is virtually no risk of missing a session. It also makes the patient’s day more manageable as they are not wasting time in a car or other vehicle facing a long commute. Studies have shown that compliance to a physical therapy schedule is greater when the treatment is performed in a home setting.


Physical therapy can be a time when patients face a great amount of stress if others are around. The privacy of a home is beneficial to patients such as these. Also, if the patient wants, and it is agreeable to the physical therapist, family members of the patient can be present to either help or just offer words of encouragement. Distractions are kept to a minimum, which also increases the efficacy off the treatment being undergone.

Real-Life Observation

Home Physical Therapy offers the therapist offering the service the chance to observe the patient in a “real life” setting. Behavior may subconsciously alter when undergoing therapy in a clinical or hospital setting. By undergoing therapy in a home environment, the therapist can see exactly how the body of the patient is reacting to the natural stressors of their everyday world.

As long as the patient is comfortable with a stranger being in their home, it would certainly be appropriate for them to take part in physical therapy in a home setting. When searching for a company to provide such a service, make they are of a reputable nature. A company such as Careminders Home Care has a strong reputation of always placing the needs of the patient before the needs of the company. When the doctor says that physical therapy is needed by the patient, a caring company is exactly what they will want. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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