When To Choose A Rosemount Vortex Flowmeter

When To Choose A Rosemount Vortex Flowmeter

There are many different companies on the market that offer flowmeters. However, not all of these meters and not all of these companies have the reputation and proven ability in the field that is synonymous with the Rosemount Vortex flowmeter line.

The line of Vortex flowmeters by Rosemount can be used for gas or liquid. They can also be used in systems transferring steam or when the liquid may contain small solids. This component is designed to be installed vertically or horizontally in the system, with several different mounting options recommended based on the actual material moving through the system.

High Temperatures

One of the reasons that a Rosemount Vortex flowmeter is often recommended in a specific system is the ability for this flowmeter to stand up to high temperatures. As with all devices with electronics, it is the ambient temperature combined with the process temperate that have to be known as both contribute to the immediate temperature of the flowmeter. In particular, the temperature is critical for the electronic components and should never exceed a specific temperature for accuracy and long life cycles.

Remote Options

For hard to reach, hazardous or challenging types of locations, the Rosemount Vortex flowmeter can be equipped with remote electronics. These are optional components of the system that allows the meter and the electronics to be mounted together at the time of at the time of installation.

To make installation easier, the specific configuration will be input into the system at the factory. In the event that variables have changed, the system can be configured on-site using a pre-set list of fast keys.

The use of a Vortex flowmeter by Rosemount is always an investment in durability, accuracy and low maintenance equipment. With the different sizes and model features available, the right flowmeter for your application is just an order away.

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