Advantages Of A Precision Pulley

Advantages Of A Precision Pulley

Pulleys are common and very simple devices for moving weights. At its basics, a pulley lifts a weight from the ground into the air and vice versa. Yet, although a simple machine, not all companies produce quality pulleys. One manufacturer that continually reaps praise for such products is the aptly named Precision Pulley and Idler (PPI). Companies from Washington to Texas recognize the advantages of installing their devices.


PPI has a history extending back to 1977. Its focus has been on producing quality, reliable components for conveyor systems. This includes three types:

1. Drum Pulleys: Models include ProDuty, HDD, Engineered, Spiral Drum, EZ Mount and Turbine

2. Wing Pulleys: Models include HDW, MDW, Spiral, QMW and Herringbone Wing®

3. Single Disc Pulley (SDE)

All three Precision Pulley styles offer certain advantages.

Basic Advantages

A pulley is a simple device. Yet, its ability to move heavy weights with minimal force makes it more than the sum of its parts. PPI pulleys offer their customers across the globe a way to lighten even the heaviest of loads. Company employees in America, including Texas, Florida, Idaho, Washington and Louisiana know PPI pulleys offer the following:

* Reliability

* Durability

* Low to no maintenance

* Effectiveness/efficiency

* The ability to handle loads from the lightest to the very heaviest

* Cost-effectiveness

* Energy efficiency

In addition, Smart Products, feature sensors that provide further protection and, therefore, enhance the longevity and durability of the pulleys. Such sensors are an integral component of PPI’s EZ-Mount Pulley System.

Precision Pulley

In Texas, some companies rely completely on PPI’s products to help shift and lift loads. They praise the company for its ability to produce a precision pulley capable of handling their material with accuracy and care. They rely on PPI’s quality, reliability and durability to make sure they can continue production without worrying about whether their pulley system is up for the tasks demanded from it on a daily basis.

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