Making Work Easier With Advanced Options In Cable Tie Holders


Industrial equipment and machines, as well as different applications in the construction field, may require the use of wire cables or other types of cables. Even in simple systems where there is just one cable, keeping it secured in place and away from moving parts is a challenge, particularly when the surface the cable runs along is metal.

The challenge is to find a cable tie holder that can hold the cable, is easy to install and that will remain securely in place. In many applications, these cable mounts will be exposed to constant vibration, extreme temperature changes and even to moisture and freezing conditions.

These environmental issues make the traditional adhesive backed cable mounting systems ineffective. Additionally, for aesthetics as well as for safety reasons drilling holes and attaching the cable tie mount to the metal surface using a bolt and nut may also be a less than ideal solution.

The Stud Welding Option

A more effective option for a secure, dependable hold is to use a specialized cable tie holder designed to be installed using a stud welding system. This works just like a stud weld, without the need for drilling holes or tightening fasteners.

Instead, the cable tie holder is designed with a formed tab on the bottom. This can be used with either drawn arc stud welding systems for industrial types of cable management requirements or with CD (Capacitative Discharge) system for lighter weight materials.

With the use of the stud welding technology, the cable holders can be installed in just seconds. Since there is no need for holes or nuts and bolts, there is also no marring or fastener visible from the other side of the base metal, which makes this a perfect option for equipment, automobiles and other types of similar applications.

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