When Death in the Family Occurs, Cremation in Renton Wa is an Alternative to Casket Burial


Death is a part of everyday life, however, it is not an easy concept to grasp. When a death in the family occurs, that family is left with grief, a sense of loss and other emotions they have to deal with. On top of that, funeral arrangements must be made. These arrangements must happen within a few days of the death. Making such decisions is very difficult for the family, and often times leaves them overwhelmed and stressed. There are different options when it comes to funerals, the main two are cremation and casket funerals. Cremation in Renton Wa has become a more popular option for a number of reasons.

Cremation Is Often Times More Affordable Than A Casket Burial

Many people choose Cremation in Renton Wa over a casket burial because cremation is much more affordable. Casket burials range in price from a few thousand and on up. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford the many costs of a funeral, especially when the death is unexpected. Cremation offers those families another option of celebrating the life of the deceased at a very affordable price. Options range from a very simple service to one that includes memory cards and other items to remembered the deceased.

Cremation Serves As Symbolism For Many People

There are other people that choose cremation so that they can take the deceased loved one with them. This is done through transferring the ashes to a urn. This urn can sit on a mantel in the home, or the ashes can be scattered in a place that meant something to the deceased. Some people choose cremation because they want to be able to take the ashes wherever they go, in the case of relocation for a job or other circumstances that may arise. Having the ashes close by can give some people a sense of comfort.

As stated above, dealing with death is not easy. It is very difficult, emotional and takes many family members by surprise. Making funeral arrangements in such a short time is overwhelming. Fortunately, the funeral director can offer much knowledge and support to the family members during the very difficult time.

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