Cremation in San Diego CA is a More Affordable Option


While many people don’t want to think about the end of life, the fact is that it will happen to all of us one day. During a time of loss family members and friends may be too overwhelmed to make decisions regarding funeral arrangements. Add to that the cost to put it all together, plus the desire to pay respect in a way that the loved one would have wanted it, and it’s quite a task to leave for those who are just trying to cope with the loss. One way to reduce the burden and the cost for the surviving family members is by choosing Cremation in San Diego CA.

When a Death Occurs

When a loved one dies it’s up to the surviving family members to make arrangements for what to do with the physical remains. A traditional casket burial is always an option, but the cost can quickly add up. Another option is cremation. This is a more affordable option, since it doesn’t require a casket or a burial plot. This can be quite helpful when working with a limited budget. If a person dies far away from home, cremation allows for easily transporting the ashes to a desired location. If one passes away in a remote area, but has chosen a traditional casket burial, the cost to transport the body could be astronomical. Cremation does have many advantages, especially when cost is an important factor.

Cremation Process

Cremation is a relatively simple process. The physical remains are placed in a combustible container which goes into a crematorium chamber. The chamber is then heated to a temperature between 1400 – 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. When the remains have been reduced to bone fragments and ashes, they are ground down into a powder-like consistency and placed inside of an urn for family members to either bury in-ground, store in a mausoleum, keep on a prominent place at home or scatter in a spot that holds special meaning for the deceased.

Many people today are opting for Cremation in San Diego CA over an in-ground burial because it makes sense ecologically. Cremation does require as much space to house the remains that a casket does. Having the option to take a loved one during a move is another enticing aspect for choosing cremation. However, the number one reason for so many people deciding on cremation is that it’s simply more affordable.

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