Basic Information about Motorized Gate Operator Installations


Motorized gates are an essential requirement in any warehouse. The gates are opened and closed several times throughout the course of the day, making it essential to have a motorized setup. Otherwise, a worker will have to make a manual effort every time the gate needs to be opened. However, installing a new motorized gate in any warehouse is not a straightforward process. Depending on the size of the gate, the motor’s power output will have to be adjusted accordingly. Here are a few important things you should know about motorized gate operator installations.

Measurements and Pre-Installation Work

You will first have to hire a reputable company such as Rkoshirodoor.com for installing the motorized gate. The company specializes in installing different kinds of commercial gates and has plenty of experience in motorized gate operator installations. The pre-installation work is very important, for if the motorized gate is not machined precisely according to the opening in the building, it might be difficult to operate. The company will send over a team to take measurements of the building and create a frame suitable for the motorized gate. The gate is generally operated by counterweights and heavy chains to ensure smooth movement.


A motorized gate operator is a separate machine that is installed beside the door and allows for its smooth opening and closing. In most cases, motorized gate operator installations take a few hours. Either way, you will have to use an alternative entrance or close the warehouse for a few hours while the installation is happening. The gate operator is powered by electricity, and the backup power must be connected for safe operation. These are just a few important things you should know about installing a motorized gate operator. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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