Key Components To A Water Meter Monitoring System


For non-municipal utilities, finding the right system to monitor water meters, including cemeteries, is an important aspect of the management of any company. Choosing the correct supplier for a water meter monitoring system will be important to allow you to access the services required to suit your business needs.

With many water meter monitoring system options on the market, there is a general package of services that are included. Other companies will work with the utility to develop a customized plan that suits the business without charging for issues that the utility doesn’t need.

What Do You Need?

It is very helpful to start with knowing what is needed with the system. For some applications, a daily summary of usage may be all that is required for the utility. For other utilities, there may be the need for real-time monitoring, offering maximum planning and usage understanding for the utility.

Most utilities will also find value in using a water meter monitoring system that provides billing services. This relieves the pressure for your in-house staff to complete monthly billing.

Ideally, and for customer convenience as well as streamlining the billing cycle, consider the advantages of moving to online billing. Not only does this eliminate the paper and the mailing issues, but it also allows the water management service to process the payments. If this is the option selected, verify that the system accepts the most common types of payments including PayPal, eCheck and all major credit cards.

Meter Installation

The best water management services will be able complete water meter installations as needed. With this option, the utility can use their employees on the required tasks of operating the system while the water management company provides technicians to do installs.

Not only does this prove to be cost effective for the utility, but it also eliminates concerns about hiring additional employees or contracting with unknown service providers to complete these installations.

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