What to Expect with Career Counseling in Wichita, KS


Choosing a career is a hard thing to do for many college age students. Many go through their first two years of undergraduate, and still have no idea what they want to do. Then, there are those who may already be working but feel the need to change careers. There are therapists who provide Career Counseling in Wichita KS and are willing to help those who are confused about their career choices. Here are some things that should be expected to happen with a career counseling program.

* The first thing that might happen at the beginning of a career counseling session is for the person to do an evaluation of himself or herself. This may include discussing who the person thinks he or she is, what are the dreams and goals, where does his or her strength and skill set lie, and other probing questions for discussion.

* Another thing the career counselor may do is to help the person discover the field of work he or she would be most interested in. The person would be invited to fully invest himself or herself in being educated about a particular field, and finding out how to network with those in the field that can offer the most insight.

* The career counselor will also help prepare the person for the world of work by creating compelling resumes, telling them how to conduct himself or herself in a successful interview, and how to research the market to get leads with potential.

* Depending upon the individual’s need, there may be several counseling sessions until the individual is comfortable that he or she has the tools needed to make a successful entry into the desired career.

Adult, Child and Family Counseling, Inc. is a counseling center that provides compassionate care to individuals and families in the Wichita, Kansas area. The range of professional services offered by the therapists includes mental health, marriage counseling, and career counseling. The counseling center has been providing the services for over 25 years. If any are interested in seeking Career Counseling in Wichita, KS, they can visit the center. They can get more information at website.

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