The Importance Of Hiring The Right Birth Injury Lawyer

The Importance Of Hiring The Right Birth Injury Lawyer

If you have been unfortunate enough to have to deal with a potential birth injury, you may be considering hiring an attorney. What is even more important is that you need to hire the right attorney to handle your case. The right attorney will have extensive knowledge in the field and in handling these types of cases. They understand the ins and outs of birth injury law and will know when you have a case that can be won.

Hiring the Wrong Lawyer

The biggest mistake that people make when hiring an attorney to help with their birth injury case is hiring the wrong attorney. Some people hire an attorney who is a general practitioner and does not have experience in the field of birth injury law. When you are hiring a birth injury lawyer in Michigan, it is important to keep in mind that they have to be up to the challenge and be able to provide you with a percentage of how many cases they have tried and won. If you hire an attorney without the experience to back it up, you could lose a lot of hard-earned money.

Proper Compensation

Attorneys are typically compensated based on contingency fees within the state. This means that they will not get paid unless the client wins. If the client is rewarded benefits in court, then the attorney would be paid for their services. The percentage that is paid out to the attorney can range anywhere from 20-33%. However, in cases where there are medical negligence cases, these fees are then controlled by the MICRA, which generally do not change.

The Importance of Sensitivity

Birth injury cases are extremely sensitive and require a great deal of immediate attention. If your child has been injured during birth, this is not something to take lightly. It can be a very challenging event to have to go through in your life so hiring the right attorney to get the job done can make all of the difference. Make sure you hire an attorney who has years of experience to handle your birth injury case. An attorney who only has experience in general areas of the law will not be the right guy for the job. It is a very sensitive matter that needs to be handled in a delicate manner with a great deal of professionalism.

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