Be Environmentally Sensitive With Eco Wallcovering

Be Environmentally Sensitive With Eco Wallcovering

For some years now there has been a growing trend to “go green.” At the same time there has been a resurgence of interest in wallcoverings other than paint. As the demand for fabric, hand painted vinyl and hand painted paper wallcoverings grows, manufacturers that share the concerns of many consumers have begun to make available ranges of eco wallcovering made from a host of eco friendly materials. With the constant awareness programs about the importance of maintaining a healthy and sustainable environment the market for eco wallcovering is expected to increase in the coming years. There are wallcoverings available today that help any homeowner “go green” with their décor.

The secret lies with natural fibers:

One of the most popular options that add warmth to any room and at the same time gives the walls a sophisticated look and feel is grass cloth. This eco friendly wallcovering is available in numerous textures and a wide range of colors. Another interesting option is grass combined with cork. The range is quite varied, as a consumer you can choose from bamboo, linen, jute, sisal, etc. Ay of these wallcoverings instantly transform any room, making it cozy.

Much of the eco wallcovering that is available is in colors that have been inspired by nature herself. Look for wallcovering in the color of ripened wheat, sage green, terra cotta or shades of grey. By utilizing materials that come from sustainable sources, these wallcoverings create a distinctive backdrop to any décor favored by the homeowner; whether it be modern, contemporary or traditional.

It is not just natural fibers from domestic sources, various grasses including bamboo as well as linen sourced from around the world are beginning to stake out their place in American homes. The natural fiber of these materials often have interesting variations in color and texture that stand out as being something unique and beautiful. Even when used in areas with simple accessories such as the entry foyer of a home they offer the visitor a dramatic first impression.

Not quite ready to go all the way?

Many homeowners are not quite ready to go all the way and experiment with these natural fiber eco wallcoverings. That is no problem as there is wallpaper which has a very low chemical content and is free from plasticizers or the material has been sourced from managed sources.

Any homeowner that wishes to “go green” and at the same time be well ahead of the design curve can do no better than using eco wallcovering in any of its natural or earth friendly materials.

Eco wallcovering is rapidly becoming the way to go for many people who are conscious of the environment in which we all live, work and play. For more information please visit the gallery of Maya Romanoff Corporation.

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