What To Expect At An Emergency Clinic


An emergency clinic is sometimes known as an urgent care clinic, but it is not the same as an emergency room associated with a hospital. Emergency rooms have the staff and equipment to provide a full range of healthcare services from surgical procedures to life-saving techniques when patients are having a heart attack, have overdosed on drugs or have experienced significant bodily injury.

The emergency clinic is designed to address non-life-threatening health issues for patients who either cannot get in to see their primary care physician or perhaps don’t have a doctor. These clinics typically operate on a first come first served basis with more serious injuries being treated ahead of less significant conditions. However, typically this is much less of an issue than patients will notice at an ER.

If you are going to an urgent care clinic, there are some important things to bring with you and what you should know.

Insurance Card and ID

Whenever possible, bring your insurance card and your ID to the clinic. If you don’t have it with you don’t worry, you can provide it later. Without the information, your billing may go directly to you rather than through the insurance.

ID is used to verify you are the person covered by the insurance plan. This may not be required if you have used the service in the past.

Know your Medications

If you are currently taking any type of prescription medications, know what they are and the dosage. You can store these in your phone or just jot them down on a piece of paper and keep them in your wallet.

You may also be asked about any over the counter medications you may use including herbal supplements or holistic treatments. Be honest and share the information with the treating physician to avoid any complications between medications.

Finally, know what you need to see the doctor about at the emergency clinic. If it is a personal issue, ask the reception staff to speak in private to provide the necessary information.

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