What Is The Buzz About VNE Fittings?

What Is The Buzz About VNE Fittings?

For any company in the sanitary or industrial processing industries, VNE is a brand name to know and to seek out. The use of VNE fittings is common in most plants and facilities simply because these are considered to be the best option for these types of applications.

Using VNE fittings doesn’t mean spending a lot more than you would find with buying other types of fittings, but it does mean getting a superior product. These are fittings that have been developed over years of work with leaders in the sanitary production industry.

The Options

There seems to be an endless option of VNE fittings for all different types of applications. The online fitting catalog allows you choose the specific option in fittings that will be essential to your production operation.

As a general categorical division, VNE offers fittings for the pharmaceutical as well as the food and beverage industry. They also produce valves as well as specialty fabrications, all with stainless steel materials.

The most common types of fittings offered by VNE for the food and beverage industries include:

  • Weld fittings – these are fittings that are welding into the location in the system. Ideal for clean in place operations and where there is a permanent system configuration.
  • Clamp fittings – just the opposite of weld stainless fittings, these VNE fittings allow for the lines and the equipment to be easily taken apart and reconfigured as necessary. These fittings are available in alternatives to stainless, such as Teflon, for optimal efficiency.

VNE also offers a range of other fittings as wells. These include bevel seat and e-line fittings, which offer the option of a male and female connection. The company also provides fittings for industrial processes and applications that do not require the same sanitary production requirements.

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