What is a Cool Roof?


Cool roofs are ideal for people living in warm climates like Jacksonville. Homeowners and roofing contractors in Jacksonville are increasingly shifting towards installing cool roofs throughout Jacksonville for several reasons. The benefits of cool roofs might surprise you:

1. Cool roofs reflect sunlight. The earliest models of cool roof were made of reflective paint but more recent models allow the roof to be made of multiple materials and colors. Reflective tiles and shingles may be part of a cool roof system. Al cool roofs reflect the sun’s radiation, and newer cool roofs do not need to be painted white in order to do so. However, light colors do tend to keep buildings cooler.

2. Cool roofs reduce energy use, leading to lower energy bills and a more sustainable lifestyle. In Jacksonville, summer heat requires the almost constant use of air conditioning. A cool roof can greatly reduce annual energy consumption, and also limit the amount of strain placed on the air conditioning system when it is used because the ambient temperature will be lower overall. Rooms or spaces without central air conditioning will also stay cooler throughout the year when they are housed under a cool roof.

3. Cool roofs reduce your environmental footprint. Not only will cool roofs reduce your annual energy consumption, but they will also promote the reduction of local air temperatures because of the urban heat island effect. Anyone constructing a green house in Jacksonville needs to consider the cool roof options available to them from a local roofing contractor.

4. An existing roof can be retrofitted to become cool. Cool roofs are not just for new construction. Existing edifices can be retrofitted with special materials that reflect sunlight.

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