Protection Against Buying A Lemon Car In Texas


Texas, as well as all other states has enacted their own version of the lemon law. Lemon laws have been written to provide protection to those consumers that have purchased a new car that have serious problems and malfunction time after time.

Basically, the Texas Lemon Law says that if you, as a consumer, bought a new vehicle that fails to perform properly and the flaw is covered by the warranty, you can get either a replacement vehicle or a refund of your purchase price. It is not a “walk in the park” to get satisfaction under the law, you must have excellent records and supporting documentation so do not lose any service information.

What defines a lemon in Texas?

There are a few different standards that are used in Texas to define a lemon, these include:

  • The total of number of times the vehicle was in for repair for the same problem
  • Whether the defect has kept the vehicle in the shop for a significant period of time, and
  • Whether the defect is one that can be considered a serious safety hazard

The four times test: You will have to prove that the vehicle was in for repair for the same defect for times in a two year period.

Thirty day test: The vehicle has been in for repair for a cumulative 30 days or more during the first two years of ownership.

Serious hazard test: A serious safety hazard is defined as one that threatens the life of the vehicle occupants and seriously impedes the ability of the driver to operate the car in a normal fashion or the defect increases the potential of a fire or explosion.

The timing of making a claim is extremely important under the Texas lemon law. This is one good reason why anyone with a lemon should hire a seasoned lemon law attorney.

For detailed information of the Texas Lemon Law and a listing of qualified attorneys you are invited to visit LemonLawAmerica.com.

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