Features To Look For In A Limited Access Drill Rig

Features To Look For In A Limited Access Drill Rig

It would be convenient if all drilling projects and jobs only occurred on flat surfaces with easy access for equipment. However, this is often not the case, which is why most drilling companies will have at last one limited access drill rig on hand.

For most applications, a limited access drill rig will have to be portable on its own, which can mean a trailer mounted option. This allows the rig to be correctly positioned with a small footprint, allowing it to be easily wheeled into different areas.

Small Size Matters

Another option to consider has the drilling rig mounted to the front or the right or left side of a skid steer. This is a very practical option and makes it easy for the operator to choose the best possible position to locate the equipment before starting the drilling process. With the smaller, more maneuverable skid steer it is possible to get into locations along fences, in landscaped areas or even in rocky or forested terrain that would not be possible with larger equipment.

These drill attachments have to designed and manufactured to stand up to the most demanding outdoor drilling requirements. However, they can also be used for drilling in enclosed areas, making these an ideal limited access drill rig for all applications.

Options for Positioning

In addition to small size, the best types of these drilling rigs and attachments will also have the ability to angle for a full range of movement for all types of drilling operations. They can also include the option for horizontal drilling, which will be important in construction applications for many different types of projects.

When considering these types of drills for limited access spaces, always check features for full compatibility with your skid steer. Consider the control options as well as the variety of tasks they can perform before making a purchase.

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