What Indicates You Need a Root Canal in Baltimore City


Not every root canal will be performed on a tooth that is painful but there are a number of indicative signs that are likely to lead to this procedure. When most people suffer from tooth pain and other symptoms, root canals are the most common and effective course of treatment. Fortunately, they are relatively quick, are only minimally painful, and are nearly always covered in part or in full by dental insurance.

Severe Ache

Toothache is a sure sign that something is wrong and a root canal in Baltimore City could be the therapy treatment capable of helping you find relief. Severe toothache may come on suddenly or begin as a soft, dull ache several days before the peak of the discomfort. Many people who suffer from this symptom assume that it will go away after a day or two and often cause their treatment to be more complex due to allowing the problem to grow.

Pain When Chewing or During Applied Pressure

It may be that your roots are not quite as damaged or infected as others and your only symptoms are pain after pressure is applied or if you are chewing. This can occur whether you eat soft or hard foods and it is very likely that you will need a Baltimore City root canal. The results should leave you feeling much better moving forward, which can in turn raise your quality of life.

Dark Discoloration of the Tooth

This is a sure sign that you not only need to see a dentist as quickly as possible for a root canal but it may be a serious indication of trouble to come. If you do not have a root canal quickly, the tooth may die entirely, leaving you with extraction as one of the only options. By choosing to address the issue right away, you should be able to increase the chances of finding relief and experiencing a more beautiful smile.

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