Your Rights Under The Wisconsin Lemon Law

Your Rights Under The Wisconsin Lemon Law

Many people save for years to reach the point where they can comfortably purchase a new car. In the greatest majority of cases the car runs great and the buyers are totally satisfied. However, there is a one or two percent chance that the car will be a lemon. If you live in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin lemon law is in place to help you.

What is a lemon according to Wisconsin law?

A new vehicle that has not yet reached one year after the date of purchase and still under manufacturer’s warranty can be classified as a lemon if the vehicle has a serious defect that cannot be repaired after four attempts or the defect is such that you have not been able to drive the vehicle for 30 days or more cumulatively.

What constitutes a defect under the law?

The defect must be of such magnitude that it seriously affects the safety, use or value of the vehicle and the vehicle with the defect must be under warranty.

What vehicles are covered under the Wisconsin lemon law?

Any car, truck, motorcycle or motor home that is purchased or leased in Wisconsin is covered by the law. The vehicle does not have to be registered in Wisconsin. The law covers demonstrators but not used cars nor does it cover trailers or mopeds.

Is there a time frame to file a lawsuit?

The Wisconsin lemon law sets no time limit on when you can no longer file a lawsuit, this is the courts prerogative.

How do you know if your vehicle is a lemon under Wisconsin law?

* It was purchased or leased in Wisconsin
* The defect occurred during the first year and prior to the expiration of the warranty
* The defect is such that it is detrimental to the use, safety or value of the vehicle
* The vehicle has been in for repair four times and the defect still exits
* The vehicle has been in the repair shop for a cumulative total of 30 days or more

Under these conditions, if the defect cannot be fixed you can demand a full refund including all collateral expenses or a replacement vehicle of equal spec and value.

The Wisconsin lemon law is there to provide anyone that buys or leases a vehicle in Wisconsin that turns out to be a lemon under the law. To learn more you are invited to visit us

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