Top Reasons To Hire Door Replacement Companies In Fairfax, VA


Many homeowners in Fairfax, VA enjoy completing do-it-yourself types of projects around the home. While some types of projects lend themselves to this type of upgrades and repairs, installing a new exterior door is a job best left to door replacement companies.

By reviewing the process of installing a new or a replacement exterior door, it will become evident that there is a need for more than just a basic understanding of both the process as well as general carpentry skills.

The Door Size and Weight

Most exterior doors are going to be sold pre-hung. This means that the door comes it the frame, not as a single door to be used with an existing door frame. There is also the possibility to buy just the door, which is known as a slab door rather than pre-hung doors.

Even with slab doors, there are some potential problems with the installation that make door replacement companies a must. It will be necessary with slab doors to attach all hardware, which can include the door handle as well as the hinges. Mistakes with the drilling or adding of the hardware will sometimes create problems in correctly positioning the hardware, or even ruining the door for future use.

The pre-hung doors, particularly if there are sidelights and a transom, can be hundreds of pounds. It will be essential to know how to move the door and install it in the given rough opening, which can be a challenge for those not familiar with the technique.

Door Functioning

One of the most important reasons to hire door replacement companies is the ability to balance the frame and the door in the rough opening. This is a very precision task that requires the use of shims to level the door frame in the rough opening. Failing to do this correctly will result in the door swinging opening or closing irregularly. This can even extend to the door not sitting level in the frame.

By hiring professionals for installation of a pre-hung exterior door or a slab door, all of these issues can be avoided. A professional door replacement Companies in Fairfax VA can easily install a door in a few hours, saving time, costs and frustration.

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