What Are Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers?

What Are Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers?

If you operate a food processing manufactory, you have various types of equipment. Among them are sanitary pumps – centrifugal or positive displacement being the most common. Among other pieces of equipment are scraped surface heat exchangers. They play a role in helping with the preparation of very soft and sticky food materials.

What Is a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a device the food industry uses used to transfer heat between liquids or a solid and a liquid. Such materials can be highly viscous. They easily can stick to a transfer surface. A scraped surface heat exchanger prevents this from occurring.

It accomplishes this through their design. Any product contacting the heat exchange surface meets a scraper. It continually, effectively and rapidly “scrapes” the material away. The older material moves on, and new material replaces it with the same results… In performing this role, scraped surface heat exchangers also mix and agitate the material at the same time.

Typical Applications in the Food Processing Industry

When it comes to food products requiring pumping, the best option is a scraped surface heat exchanger. It finds application in the food and meat processing industries. It is capable of processing many substances that are typically hard to handle. Another area it performs well in is in food industries where the products are laden with particulates. If your products tend to plug up the normal type of heat exchanger, you need a scraped surface heat exchanger. In fact, the scraped surface heat exchanger is often the only choice for any food preparation industry where the materials are sticky and/or viscous.

Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

If your company focuses on preparing heavy salad dressings, margarine, shortenings, peanut butter, ice cream, chocolate or fondants, your need a heat exchanger. However, the nature of the food dictates and narrows your selection of these devices to one type. These are all models of the scraped surface heat exchangers.

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