Tips For Choosing Forklift Batteries in Wisconsin


In many transportation hubs, loading docks, warehouses, shipping facilities an around many industrial, processing and manufacturing companies, forklifts are in use all the time. These essential pieces of equipment make easy work of moving stock and inventory, unloading truck, managing warehouses and in bringing raw materials in for processing.

The choice of electric forklifts rather than gas or diesel-powered options is on the rise. Cleaner, more environmentally friendly, quieter and easier to maintain, the electric forklift is a great option for both indoor and outside applications.

The one issue that does impact the electronic equipment is the choice of the right forklift batteries in Wisconsin and chargers. Choosing the incorrect battery and charger will have short and long-term consequences for the equipment as well as for your budget.

Quality Matters

One of the biggest mistakes made is to buy forklift batteries in Wisconsin based on price alone. Cheap batteries and chargers are readily available, and they may initially look like a good option.

The problem with these cheap systems is that the batteries just don’t stand up. This is often a combination of cheap battery combined with an ineffective charger the will create excessive heat in charging cycles, resulting in a sharp drop off in battery performance and life.

Replacing cheap batteries, a charger over time really adds up. It also increases the risk of problems with the battery that may impact other electrical components on the forklift.

Equipment Needs

In addition to top quality forklift batteries in Wisconsin, it is also important to choose a battery based on the needs of the equipment. The longer or more frequently the forklift is used combined with the number of shifts at the facility needs to be considered to determine the correct batteries, battery configuration and the specific type of charchcharger to purchase.

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