Weighing The Benefits Of An Applied Biosystems PCR


Having the right equipment in the lab to handle the testing capacity and requirements in the facility is always an important consideration. It can be difficult to assess if an upgrade to a newer model or larger systems will actually create a positive return on investment.

However, if you are currently considering upgrading to an Applied Biosystems PCR, there are some good reasons why this upgrade may be the ideal option for the lab. Thanks to used and refurbished models offered through reputable used equipment companies, this can be a safe, easy purchase that provides the upgrade to the lab capacity without breaking the equipment budget.

Manufacturer Reputation

With the use of one of the newer models of Applied Biosystems PCR systems, it will be possible to quickly, effectively and accurately generate billions of copies of DNA sequences through the polymerase chain reaction process. Used in labs and testing facilities around the world, the Applied Biosystems line of equipment for sequencing and analysis has a proven track record of dependability and functionality in one system.

Testing Potential

There are several different Applied Biosystems PCR options. These offer high workflow and throughput capacity ranging from systems offering a 32-well capacity to those offering 384-well potential. Different block configurations and size options for testing tubes will also be available through the various models offered by Applied Bioscience.

The more advanced PCR systems can also allow for different samples to be processed at the same time. Individual temperature controls can be set to manage both small and large volume sample sizes. With the capacity for small testing systems up to a large system that can produce 480,000 reactions in throughput, any lab can find a user-friendly system that will benefit their testing and analysis capabilities.

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