The Advantages of Adding an Illumina MiSeq 2 To the Lab


Having the ability to complete the testing required is essential to any lab. Finding the best option for equipment to add testing capacity or to increase current capabilities should always include the possibility of used lab testing equipment.

The Uses of the Equipment

A closer look at a used or refurbished Illumina MiSeq 2 shows why this is a top addition to any research lab. This equipment is versatile, with a wide range of testing applications. It can be used for in the sequencing of whole genomes, which is essential in the study of different viruses and diseases. This is also a central requirement for most pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical studies.

Depending on the type of study and testing required, the Illumina MiSeq 2 can also be used for targeted genetic sequencing requirements. It is also used for gene profiling and resequencing, making it flexible and versatile in small to large labs.

Benefits to Consider

While the versatility of the Illumina MiSeq 2 is a primary benefit for labs, the compact nature of the equipment is also important. It is easily integrated into existing lab systems, and it is user-friendly with automated features to reduce and eliminate human errors during the process.

As with other Illumina products in the MiSeq System family, the MiSeq 2 has a high throughput capacity, with the ability to read up to the 15GB per run. It is also equipped with the ability to use a number or prep kits also produced by Illumina, making configuring the system very easy.

By choosing either a used or a refurbished model, the MiSeq 2 can easily work into any research laboratory or testing facility budget. With a warranty as well as full testing before shipping, the equipment arrives ready to use at just a fraction of the cost of new systems.

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