How Do Arc Studs Help The Welding Process?


Arc studs are helpful and essential in the welding process. Arc stud welding uses a DC power supply in order to create that arc that allows for the welding process to take place. It enables a high-quality, strong fastening of a metal stud to a workpiece in virtually any configuration or size.

Arc Welding

The arc welding process involves a fastener that can be tapped, unthreaded, or threaded. Both the arc studs and the workpieces can be made of various metals, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Both parts are heated with an arc. One of the advantages with stud welding is that the workpiece’s other side is not damaged or marred. Yet, the weld that is achieved is one that is strong and reliable; in fact, the weld is stronger than both the stud itself and the base material alone. In addition, the welding process takes less than a second to achieve, especially when using high-quality equipment.

Types of Arc Welding

There are three main types of arc welding:

Drawn arc welding

Short arc stud welding

Gas arc stud welding

Drawn arc welding involves using arc studs and a special welding gun to create the weld, often used with stainless steel and mild steel. As the weld is created, the weld gun lifts up the stud, creating an arc, melting the base of the stud and the surrounding surface onto the workplace.

Short arc stud welding is an abbreviated version of drawn arc welding, using arc studs that are 3/8” and smaller, as well as using surfaces that are thinner in diameter. The weld current is higher, which makes the welding time shorter.

Gas arc stud welding does not use ferrule. It is best used in projects and industries where precision is especially required because the flash in this welding is uncontrolled, resulting in the molten metal often being spread over a wider area. Companies involved in robotics will often use this type of welding.

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