Water Softening in Cedar Rapids IA Eliminates Problems With Minerals


Equipment that does Water Softening in Cedar Rapids IA removes calcium and other hard minerals as the water enters the home. Those minerals are caught in a tank filled with resin beads while the soft water continues its way to the taps. Every week or so, the system recharges by flushing salt water through the beads, rinsing away the minerals.

The discharge from the recharging goes into the sewer line and out to the treatment plant in municipalities. In rural areas, homeowners may not want to burden the septic tank with so much water at one time or with the salt. If regional codes allow, they can run the discharge water to the sump pump well and out into the yard. It does not harm grass.

Other Minerals

Water softeners remove many other kinds of minerals too, although calcium tends to be the most common and to cause the most problems. Magnesium, manganese and iron are also relatively prevalent in tap water, especially in well water.

No More Lime Scale Problems

After equipment for Water Softening in Cedar Rapids IA is installed, there will be no more problems with lime scale building up on various surfaces. The household residents have probably been frustrated at the hard white residue accumulating on shower doors, in sinks and bathtubs, and around faucets. That white mineral material also can be left behind when boiling water in pots and tea kettles, and it leaves residue inside coffeemakers.

An End to Soap Issues

In addition, problems with soap occur as hard minerals react with the detergent. Scum develops on surfaces where soap is used. The lathering effect is reduced, leading people to use more soap, shampoo and laundry detergent.

Tap Water Odors

If the iron content has generated a non-toxic contaminant known as iron bacteria, the water may smell like sulfur. Sulfur also is sometimes present in well water. A company such as Waterhouse Water Systems can install a softener and also eliminate unpleasant odors with a carbon filter added nearby. The filter is usually placed next in line from the softener and needs to be replaced occasionally. Read more about us at the website.

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