Package Saw: The L-M Verticut Machine 2000-M


L-M Equipment produces products for the forestry and lumber industries. They focus on providing a line of highly functional saws and related items capable of fabricating the right size and shape products. Among the most popular machines for improving the ease of producing pallets and industrial lumber products are package saws. In this competitive line, L-M Equipment manufactures several options. Among them is their Verticut Machine including the:

• Verticut 2000
• Verticut P4 Fully Automated Package Cross Cut System
• Verticut with Carriage system using manually operated controls
• Verticut Rollcase System

Of these, the Verticut Machine 2000 remains one of their most popular options among the logging and forestry industry for several reasons.

The Verticut 2000-M

Package saws serve a major purpose. They cut bundles of materials to the appropriate length. While mill saws are possible options, package saws are the better choice for speed, accuracy, and precision. A turnkey system, package saws such as the Verticut 2000-M, have several beneficial qualities that offer users several benefits. Characteristics include:

• Hydraulic Power: Hydraulically-powered saws have the highest power to weight ratio
• Fast Cutting Cycle: Can be completed by an individual in less than 60 seconds increasing production rates
• Integrated even-ending system and outfeed deck
• Safety Guarding
• Operator Platform
• Stellite Short, Stiff Inlaid Saw Bar: Allows for retention of tighter tolerances through a run
• Automatic Chain Bar Oiling
• Package Alignment Stands
• Heavy Duty and Firm Construction

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