Top Four Advantages of Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Top Four Advantages of Thermal Mass Flow Meters

On any online catalogue for engineering supplies and equipment, you will several different types of flow meter, including those for liquid, steam, gas, and insertion flow meters. If you are somewhat new to engineering, it may be difficult to determine which one you need. This guide will tell you the advantages of a thermal mass flow meter and which situations tend to require one:Как устроить газон на даче

1. Accuracy

One great advantage over other types of flow meter listed by Instrumentation Tools is that the thermal mass flow meter allows for much higher accuracy and a shorter response time. Their high sensitivity can pick up even small changes to the flow rate with only a slim margin of error. By comparison, an ultrasonic flow meter can be affected by gas bubbles or deposits which cause errors.

2. Multiple Uses

The majority of flow meters can only be used to measure one type of mass – liquid, steam, or gas. Thermal flow meters are usually used to measure gases and are much more suited for gas measurement but are flexible enough to be used in the measure and flow of liquids as well.

3. Low Price

For all of these advantages and the new technology that goes into them, thermal meters still carry a relatively low price tag compared to other types of flow meter. This has been largely responsible for their expanding popularity amongst engineers.

4. Low Maintenance

With no moving parts and a sturdy construction, thermal flow meters are quick and easy to maintain and sterilize while still lasting for a long time without need for repair or replacement.

If you need a sturdy and accurate gas flow meter for a good price, the thermal flow meter is one of the best options you can find. Check out online retailers today to see which meters are available.

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